Crazy Lady

Story Behind The Song

One of the earliest songs I wrote. Refined it over more than a year of playing with it. Could still use an edit perhaps.

Song Description

So many reasons to get away from a relationship but something holds you. Who really is the crazy one.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Folk - Alternative, Blues - Country
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Nervous, Troubled
Subject Sanity/Insanity, Dysfunctional Relations Similar Artists Warren Zevon
Language English


I wonder if you hear your words
You spin in circles like a one winged bird
Your pretzel logic borders on absurd
Crazy lady stay a way from me
This is sounding like insanity
Crazy lady I don't know what to do, for you

Smashing windows won't block the view
Burning memories just can't undo
You run and hide but you're stuck with you
Crazy lady better medicate
Call the doctor think it's getting late
Crazy lady I hope he knows what to do, for you

Crazy lady what's the antidote
What's the punchline to this horrible joke
I see you drowning can't stay a float
Crazy lady better make the call
They got a room for you with rubber walls
Crazy lady i hope they know what to do, for you

Crazy lady you know it's true
Oh, I'm still in love with you
Maybe I'm just as crazy as you

lol wow interesting at first I was not liking it but the psycho subliminal backing vocals make it interesting and made we want to listen and I ended up liking it .... but maybe im crazy

This songwriter is having fun and that is an important element. The sound and performance of the guitar is good.

Wamted to really like this one. Got a nice groove with decent vocal and guitar

Very powerful and relaxing at the same time. Nice subject matter in terms of lyrics and excellent recording.

Lyrics Jeff Rauschl Music Jeff Rauschl
Producer Jeff Rauschl Performance Jeff Rauschl
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