BOOM BOOM BOOM (corrected tempo)

Story Behind The Song

A corroboration from across the world. Alex D. inspired this tune with his fantastic, rhythmic guitar backing track, and finished the job by mixing it all into Boom Boom Boom

Song Description

This is the correct version of the song previous uploaded at the incorrect tempo. Uptempo danceable island sound, almost reggae.

Song Length 3:19 Genre Pop - Rock, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Cheerful Subject Attracted, Crush, General
Language English


(boom boom boom would you look at that)

I gotta tell you all about this love of I
Yeah she's so hot she makes the devil fry
and her sweet love set the angels high I know
All the boys try to catch her eye
but no one speaks as she goes by
They hate to say good bye
but love to watch her go

(boom boom boom talking cardiac)

Yeah I'd sell my soul just to make her mine
but my knees get weak my tongue get's tied
I try to say hello but I just watch her go
When I'm all alone in my bed at night
She's all I see when I close my eyes
I touch her lips, caress her thighs and grab her

(boom boom boom would you look at that)
(boom boom boom talking cardiac)
(Boom boom boom she's a heart attack I know)

Well every thing work out as time go by
Yeah she my lover I'm her guy
and everything is right riht I and I
When we go out she's so lady like
she's the proper girl, she's the perfect wife
but when we get home I gotta hold on tight to that boom boom boom

Really funky song, the bass line had my toe tapping. The mix is excellent, the drums are not overwhelming at all. The singer's voice is very unique, but fits the song like a glove. Great delivery.

nice movement and beat.

a gal passin' by, nice beat, vocal fx, "she's a heart attack." the bvs and fx add a dimension to the song. noice guitar, well, vivid details, you know the story.

Lyrics Jeff Rauschl Music Alex D.
Producer Rotterdam Studio Performance Jeff Rauschl, Alex D.
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