Play By Ear

Song Length 3:08 Genre Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful Language English


Play By Ear
© J.C. Ashbaker 2/3/21

I saw the lightning, heard the thunder
I felt the love
When you smiled, the rain danced from the clouds
Set in motion, by a bolt from the bluest eyes
I felt it then and I feel it now

Keep calm and carry on (It's the meter that counts)
Look within and see beyond, (Turn up your joyful sound)
So even I can hear it, Yeah, now that's the spirit
Aren't you glad, you play by ear
So love, is loud and clear

There is a reason, for what comes to pass
Still, we have to ask
Did we start in the middle or begin at the end
With a melody, and a well place rhyme
A moment in time, is etched in our memory
Then it's gone with the wind
Sure to blow back again

--Repeat Chorus--

When you Play by ear
Love is all you hear

--Repeat Chorus--

Aren't you glad, you play by ear
So love, all you hear

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Producer Jeff Ashbaker Publisher Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker Label Jeff Ashbaker

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