First Date Blues

Song Length 3:55 Genre Blues - Country, Blues - Rural
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Nervous Subject General
Language English


Jeff Ashbaker

First Date Blues ©

I Got The Blues This Morning
I've Still Got 'Em And It's Gettin' Late
I'm Too Damned Excited
Cuz I Got This Real Hot Date
You Know My Mind Is Goin' Crazy
Just Workin' Overtime
Lord Knows My Body Ain't Far Behind

I Got The First Date Blues
Honey, What Can I Do
I Got The First Date Blues
From My Head Right Down To My Uuu's

I Got This Fear Of Rejection
You Know I'm So Afraid To Fall
You Know I Need Protection
Yeah I've Seen It In My Crystal Ball (On The Bathroom Wall)
So I'll Wear My Coat Of Armor
Yes I'll Bring My Heart Of Stone
Honey I'm So Nervous
I just might go alone (I just might jump your bones)

-Repeat Chorus-
-Repeat 2nd Verse-
-Repeat Chorus-

I Got The Blues This Morning
I've Still Got 'Em And It's Gettin' Late
Honey, why don't we skip this
And call it our second date

Wonderful instrumentation.

Red Foxx. Like it

This song has such a great feel. The low tone on the acoustic guitar around 3-4 seconds in is AWESOME. Excellent lyrics, and the backing instruments all play their parts well - and fit together like a glove. This is an exceptional piece. GREAT JOB.

'First date blues' as I call it is a fun blues song, a little tongue in cheek the singer does not sound nervous about dating at all! Lovely backing instrumentation witty and enjoyable. It is easy for it to become a singalong cult song. I also like very much the growly gruff singing, its great! The tempo is also about right for the lyrics.

I enjoyed, nice take on something everyone feels.

I want to give it 5 stars but only see one lighting up!??

Amazing! The first date blues. Never heard a song written about this topic (and probably don't want to hear any more, because this one was SO GOOD!) Packed with humor and reality, the song effectively conveys the nervous feelings preceding that first date. Great rhymes (rejection/protection) and word pictures (coat of armor, heart of stone). Instrumentation is excellent. Classic blues style. Easy to follow where he's going until the stellar surprise ending, which I found to be highly original and funny. Ok, let's just call it our second date. That was a fantastic way to end the song!

The instrumentation is well-played. Solid vibes from everyone. I get the feeling this singer has some road miles and has been working bars for years. Maybe this is one of his original standards? Here's to the journeymen!

Wonderful work!!

Love this stuff. Great job. Perfect voice for it, love the steel, hell just put my name on it.

Very nice country blues!

Great stuff

This is a good traditional blues tune with a a nice touch of country feel. The vocal is well done and the harmonies add a very pleasant interest. Instrumentation fits well and the performance is top notch.

I love the lead vocals and the drums really have a great sound. I also like the steel guitar sounds - sounds a little like Hoyt Axton - very cool indeed!

You got IT!

The Song, the voice, and recording is superb.

Fun song. It really works well. Nice job.

Fantastic!! Love it! Lead vocals and backing vocals go really well together. Drums are soooooo nice and laid-back.
Headphones on and everything has it's place in the mix - well done!


NICE! I could listen to this stuff all day long! Nice job with vocals and recording is right on. Guitar has a great smooth tone. LOVE IT!! You have a hit here!! Keep it up.

very authentic down home blues...your vocal was true to the genre...your arrangement didn't follow traditional 12 bar blues but I found that to be interesting and unpredictable...the song was long enough to give music supervisors options to pick from including an instrumental section...I can hear this being used in a bar or night club scene...

A nice laid back country blues track. i like the vocal style subtle vocal phrasing was very good. and the female vocals along side in parts really added to the song and worked well.
nice little track

You have a great voice for blues. I liked the song.

Nice blues feel. Reminds me a little of Elvis, not the vocal but the feel. If Elvis were alive this would fly!

Performed very professional. Easy to listen to and enjoy. Broadcast ready.

I really like the lyrics because they are catchy. The instrument used in this song is appropriate. I like the pitch of the song. It's a great song and it's original.

G'day. Great playing and vocals on this lovely sleazy blues track. Excellent production/recording. Love that pedal steel.

Very well executed, arranged and produced. A pleasure to listen to.

Love how the singer mixes raspy vocal style and smooth style, shows vocal versatility and makes listening to it more interesting. Super backup female vocalist.

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker
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