I Long to Hear Your Voice

Song Length 3:33 Genre Rock - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Verse 1:
I've heard the spoken words of those
That I know that you have set apart
I've heard the melodies
Of men who hold the keys to your heart
And I have held the muse of poets on my ears
But there's a sound that everything within me longs to hear

I long to hear your voice, oh Lord
I long to hear your voice, more and more
I long to hear your voice, oh Lord
When I wake, when I dream
When I pray, when I sing
Anytime, any place, I'll wait

Verse 2:
I've seen the best renditions try
To describe your perfect sacrifice
I've seen your picture framed and on display
Before my waking eyes
But still no eyes have seen as ears have never heard
The song of my redemtion I find only in your words

Lyrics Jason Black Music Jason Black
Performance Jason Black
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