This Man From Galilee

Story Behind The Song

The redeeming grace of the Man from Galilee .... Jesus.... His love is no longer a mystery since I let Him into my heart!! :)

Song Length 3:35 Genre Country - Religious, Blues - Gospel
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Endearing Subject Encouragement, Spirituality
Similar Artists Elvis Presley Language English
Era 1950 - 1959


This Man From Galilee ©2012 Janet Steely

Intro: (slowly) This Man from Galilee / He's sure a mystery
V1: They Said Hey Jesus, How You gonna feed .. feed this hungry crowd
With just a couple of fishes and five little loaves of bread
He turned His eyes to heaven and then the thousands were fed
This man from Galilee ... He's sure a mystery (back up vocals)

CH: Why would He do everything that He's done
The love and compassion of God's only Son
It's a love story from beginning to end
God's only Son He's forgiving our sin

V2: The boat it was sinkin', disciples were thinking we will surely die
Then they woke the Master / I can hear their frightened cry
But the man who walked on water He calmed the angry tide
This man from Galilee He's sure a mystery (back up vocals)

Instrumental Break

V3: Twelve years she'd been bleedin / searchin' for healin' / when would she be free
She heard people shoutin' / "Come see this man from Galilee
If she could only touch Him / that's all she would need
This man from Galilee ... He's sure a mystery CHORUS

V4: I was lost and dyin' / 'bout sick of tryin / to find the meaning of life
I remember the day when His / blood washed my sins away
He unlocked the mystery / Of His redeeming grace
This man from Galilee Now He walks and talks with me

End: (slower)
This Man from Galilee ... He's no longer a mystery

Sweet song. I would hope that some radio station would play it. It does have a rock-a-billy feel to it. Good rhyming. No forced rhymes. The vocals are clear and easy to understand. Nice musicianship. Don't know yet if this is a band or a solo player, but it sounds like a well-knit group. And I think the lyrics are fresh, especially when you consider how often Jesus/God has been covered in song.

Like the vocals on this.

Nice bluesy feel. Love the message. Afterall, Jesus is the only reason any of us have a chance to reach the promiseland!

Lyrics Janet Steely Music Janet Steely
Producer Janet Steely Publisher Songbird8 Music
Performance Jason Wyatt Label N/A
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