I Will

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This song was also recorded by multi-award winning, Country Gospel artist Billy Hale. (this is not the version Billy Recorded). Billy Is the Founder of Country Gospel Music Association. A ministry dedicated to encouraging writers who write in this genre'. He and his wife Donna, minister on a global scale with over 5000 members in the CGMA's International ranks. Thanks Billy and Donna for your tireless efforts!!! :) The song went to number 5 on the Country Gospel CHarts the year Billy recorded it.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Country - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Content Subject Recovery, Prayer
Language English Era 2000 and later


I Will ©2009 Janet Steely
VS 1:
I have heard Your still small voice saying / turn around and come up higher
Worship Me in true devotion / that's what I desire

CH 1:
I will / turn away from all my doubting / I will / crown You as my King
I will seek You /I will serve You/ With my whole heart I will sing
I will worship You / Oh / I Will

VS 2:
Lord I know my righteousness / is Only found in You
My private thoughts and secret motives / Lord You know them too

CH 2:
I will let You search my heart Lord / I will / live for You each day
I will live by every word You speak / I will trust you and obey
Yes I will / Worship You

Why have I resisted so when I long for Your embrace
Keep me Lord and let me stay in this most Holy place

CH 3:
I will seek to know You more / I will know the joy that Your love brings
I will seek You I will serve You with my whole heart I will sing/
Yes I will / worship You

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Wow, triple wow! I love love love this song. The guitar intro leads into a flawless vocal...a voice I could listen to all day. The lyrics and presentation are heartfelt and sincere. Honesty oozes out of this song. The instrumentation, though simple, perfectly suits this song. It doesn't need any fancy production; it's amazing just the way you recorded it. Excellent bridge!

Lyrics Janet Steely Music Janet Steely
Producer Janet Steely Publisher Songbird8Music
Performance Jason Wyatt Label N/a
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