Eternal Eyes

Story Behind The Song

My good friend Aven Grace and I were discussing an idea to write about and she came up with a phrase that had intrigued her ... 'Eternal Eyes' . The eyes of the Savior of the world must have been full of love and compassion. From His birth, his childhood, even as he shed His blood as payment for our sin... I believe still His eyes were filled with love and compassion even as the soldier drove those nails into his hands to pin him to the cross that should have been mine! I have wanted to write a song that takes The Savior from the humble manger in Bethlehem to the triumphant victory of His ressurection from the dead.

Song Description

A song of Hope for the ages. Heaven's King come down to tabernacle among mortal man. Born of a virgin, raised among us, dying for us .. Because only a spotless and sinless sacrifice could pay the price for our sin. He came to fulfill redemption's plan. He was Spoken of through the prophets .. A plan which was in place from the foundations of the world. This sinless one with Eternal Eyes, come to pay the price for our sin ... redeeming us from the curse of evil and slavery to our carnal nature. His ETERNAL EYES from the cradle to the tree of sacrifice, showing love, bringing truth and healing ... forgivness and freedom. His spirit lives in every man woman and child who accepts His gracious gift of abundant life. One day soon we shall behold those eternal eyes again when our Savior returns for those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I am ready!

Song Length 4:36 Genre Country - Religious, Country - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Spirituality, Joy
Language English Era 2000 and later


Eternal Eyes ©2011 Aven Grace / Janet Steely

The city thronged with people everywhere
In Bethlehem the streets were such a sight
The clamor of the day still in her ears
she stepped into the stillness of the night

Then something drew her to the stable on the hill
Her heart awakened by your tiny cry
The moment she came near you time stood still
As love and hope looked at her through your eyes

CH: Eternal eyes. Eternal eyes. The king of Glory earth could not disguise
What mystery I long to see, The look of love in Your eternal eyes

The temple teachers hung on every word
A boy of twelve how could you be so wise
Such understanding they had never heard
but they didn't see Messiah in your eyes

CH: Eternal eyes, eternal eyes. The king of Glory earth could not disguise
What mystery, I long to see, the look of love in your eternal eyes.

The soldier drove those deadly nails into your hands
gripped by truth as heaven watched you die
He never would forget your final glance
The promise of forever in your eyes

But death could never have the victory. You rose and darkness had to flee. Now life will never be the same for me.

Key Change

CH: Eternal eyes, eternal eyes The king of Glory, earth could not disguise
What mystery, I long to see the look of love in Your eternal eyes

Tag: Sweet victory one day I'll see the look of love in your eternal eyes

I think this is a Janet Steely song....I have heard it before. Loved it the first time and love it again...just in time for the Christmas season. Thanks for getting me in the mood for the holidays, sweet sister! Beautiful lyrics, great harmonies, stellar instrumentation. Your team did a great job on this one!

Lyrics Aven Grace / janet Steely Music Aven Grace / Janet Steely
Producer Aven Grace / Kelvin Funkner Publisher Songbird8 Music
Performance Aven grace
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