The Pretender

Story Behind The Song

There are plenty of 'real' artists who actually preform the tasks outlined in their music, and that's perfectly fine. This track was designed for the exact opposite types of persons.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Rap - Alternative
Mood Annoyed, Vile Subject Actor, Lies
Similar Artists Lil B, Hopsin Era 2000 and later


Artist: Lil Krazy
Track: The Pretender
Year: 2019
Producer: Lil Krazy
Mix/Mas: Lil Krazy
Songwriter: Lil Krazy

(The Pretender):
Eee hahahahahaha
Uehh Ehaahahahaha
Uh ehahahaha!

(Layne Jaine):
Holie shit what the fuck are you?

(The Pretender):
I am the Pretender!

(Layne Jaine):
Oh shit!!

(Lil Krazy)
I am the pretender!
I am the pretender! (Yeah)
I am the pretender!
I am the pretender! (Yeah - Yeah)
I am the pretender!!
I am the pretender!! (Yeah! - Yeah!)
I am the pretender!!!
I am the pretender!!! (Yeah! - Yeah!)

(Lil Krazy)
They call me 'The Pretender' not pretending bout' my life
Cause what I say is real, like da affair wit yo wife
I pretend the power's out so I can get some things done
I pretend that life is easy, I pretend that work is fun
I pretend that I am rich, I pretend I am the shit
I pretend I have a bitch, who loves to suck tha dick
All this pretending only gets me so far
I pretend I'm sober drinking many doubles at the bar

(Lil Krazy/The Pretender)
I don't pretend about my crimes
I wish a native could
They talkin' shit in they rhymes
I wish a nigga would, I wish a native would

-VERSE 1-(Part 2)
(Lil Krazy)
Call me 'The Pretender', The fuckin' rhyme bender
I crunch your lyrics up and return them to the sender
Cause you wack niggaz ain't gettin' any closer
I'm tired of these fag ass rappers they a poser
I'm so fuckin' fed up I'ma buy a bulldozer
Drive it all the way to L.A. and run you over
I'm more luckier than a four leaf clover
Smoking on blunts, cops won't pull me over.


(Lil Krazy)
They call me 'The Pretender' but don't get me all wrong
I've done some crazy shit, they in the lyrics of dis song
When I say 'Pretender' I only mean certian thangs
These other rappers lying in the lyrics that they brang
I had to go to Walmart to buy some cheap shoes
I never will pretend about my wealth to amuse
I'm on a short fuse, better watch what you choose
I'm so fucking poor I have to buy the cheap booze

(Lil Krazy)
I pretend I have a lot of money in the bank
I pretend I have my own whip wit da tank
I pretend I wasn't poor on welfare
I pretend I wasn't smoking meth in glassware

-VERSE 2-(Part 2)
(Lil Krazy)
I wish I didn't rob that mothafuckin' house
I wish I didn't sleep on my momma's couch
I wish I still had a tobacco pouch
So I could stop being such a fuckin' grouch
Niggaz gon' hate on the shit I say
But I don't give a fuck Nigga betta back away
I am 'The Pretender'
I am 'The Pretender'


Lyrics Lil Krazy Music Ratchet Radio Productions
Producer Lil Krazy Publisher Record Union
Performance Lil Krazy Label Ratchet Radio Productions

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