Don't Be Like Me

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Hysterical, Stressed Subject Change, Arrogance
Similar Artists Lil B, Lil Wayne Language English


Artist: Lil Krazy
Track: Don't Be Like Me
Year: 2019
Album: Don't Be Like Me - Single
Producer: Lil Krazy
Mix/Mas: Lil Krazy
Songwriter: Lil Krazy

The following program is meant for mature audiences
All children, Should be taken out of the room
Viewer discretion is advised

(Lil Krazy)
It sucks to be poor man, Don't Be Like Me
Livin' at my momma's house in a room rent free
Yeah these other people laughing but the joke just missed them
They 'Dancing With the Devil' cause death has kissed them
I'm a real motha' fucka' goin' hard in the paint!
Yeah these other men talkin' like they was a fuckin' saint!
I smoke weed everyday, Occasionally snort yay!
You's a horsey eat some hay!
Outside no place to stay YEAH!

(Lil Krazy)
I'm a real ass nigga, You's a bitch-ass nigga
Yo I'm talkin' bout' a person, Not no rappers, Go figure
These rappers pretty good, Yeah they got their own style
But they've never seen Lil Krazy go buck fuckin' wild!
I'm a real wild child with a sick-ass style!
Ain't fuckin' wit no kids, Like you dumb pedophiles!
I'm do it so hood, So these other fans notice
Yeah I'm talking to you 'Tic Tok', PLEASE COME AND QUOTE THIS!
I'm floating in the clouds,
Little nigga come and smoke cause this shit is fucking loud
I'ma do some rank shit, That will make my momma proud!
These other rappers lookin' at me "Like they a shroud"!
Bomm uhh ohhh
Yeah ehh haaayy
Bomm uhh ohhh


(Lil Krazy)
Yo I hate being broke, They treat me like a joke
I used to hang with losers, Bumming smokes from common folk
Yo I didn't have a hope, I was addicted to that dope
I was playing with the devil, A game called 'Tug of Rope'
And there was no where to go, People like the way I sound
When Lil Krazy take it slow
Yo I take another toke, And I turn my brain to yolk
Yo I'm puffin' on that green, Only marijuanna smoke
Yo it sucks to be poor man, Don't Be Like Me
I'ma crazy maaa' fuckka' everybody wanna be
I don't know why the kids wanna be just like him
They listen to his music, And they don't even like him!
You's just a shroud, Puffin' on a cloud
I like it loud, Come and take a-


Lyrics Layne Boman Music Lil Krazy
Producer Lil Krazy Publisher Record Union
Performance Lil Krazy Label Ratchet Radio Productions
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