The Very Thing I Despise

Song Description

A colourful and festive Christmas song.

Song Length 5:39 Genre Jazz - General, Pop - Lullaby
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Passive, Poignant
Subject Reptiles, Protest Similar Artists Farts and Farting, Tony Slaughterhouse
Language English Era Before 1600


The Very Thing I Despise

I know I should never dare to moan
with all the things that happen in the world
but I fear is something I can't contain
just like clouds loaded with rain
while I vainly reach for the prize
that's the very thing I despise

What you learn to implement and apply
to deconstruct until you don't even try
the steps your feet might want to take
are the dead leaves you have to rake
you can take that dream and rationalize
that's the very thing I despise

The promise I used to see in your eyes
that's the very thing I despise
would you please give me a break
it would only bring harm and ache

My life has been a long cold night
I don't even know what it's like - a bit of light
so couldn't I bribe
you to describe
so that I could recognize
the very thing I despise

Staring into the sun hurt the eyes
so what better idea than hide them in the dark/ice
the promise I used to see in some eyes
that's the very thing I despise

A defense mechanism - let's not pretend
I can surely break - but I cannot bend
what you can't have you must destroy
so I turned my toy
- and I might have been unwise -
into the very thing I despise

Nice Song. Very enjoyable. Love the genre anyway! Good production and balance of instruments. .........................................................................................................

Reminded me in places of Supertramp with that keyboard sound!

This is a real sleazy and cool jazz vamp, it reminds me a bit of Leonard Cohen if he was doing demos at home with slightly cheesy equipment.. it's a compliment. Lyrics are a suitable combination of mysticism , revelation, unsatisfied desire, and self loathing. Nicely done.

Song is full of ideas. Like a passion play of sinister jesters with bad intent. Melodies falling in and out, lots of instruments in this track. Nice Rhodes solo in the middle section. Very unique progression of ideas developed and supported by a multitude of instruments.

This is a unique-sounding song that has some interesting vocals and started off with an appropriate sparse instrumentation.

The voice is incredible, I love it. The effect on the voice is very well done, subtle but smooth. Instruments are very cool, almost a fantasy feel to them. This song is unique and wonderful!

a touch of tom waits/nick cave about this jazzy track. i like the laid back jazz lounge style. with its cool sleazy vocal that fits the theme perfectly.
dark and moody just how i like it

like the tone on the keyboard,sounds nice

Interesting synth-supported track. Kind of a lo-fi jazzy slow track. I like the sax. The lyricist had a unique thing going with the word "despise" and all that he rhymed with it.

A cool sounding jazz track, laid back coolness jazz lounge. liked the solo and sax, unique vocals work well. interesting lyrics and vibe

Lyrics HarryBudini Music HarryBudini
Producer HarryBudini Publisher HarryBudini
Performance HarryBudini Label HarryBudini
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