Your Touch Phil

Song Description

Just another love song. Happiness that seems destined and complete. Celebrate those days, before they slip away.

Song Length 5:14 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Happiness
Language English


When I woke up this morning,something was calling out to me. Before my eyes would open,I could feel but I could not see. Deep as the ocean, gentle as your dreaming;like the streaming sunshine,flooding my mind -your touch Your touch that runs right through me like a clear flowing mountain stream and cleanses all my senses of life's sorrows; 'til it seems you always knew me, fashioned all my dreams as you capture in the moment - my tomorrows And time that weaves the structure from which i live my life you take away and lay there in it's place an endless kind of knowing, like fresh spring breezes blowing, and I'm lost here without time or space ,,,,and all the roads i've walked along that I've come to love so much seem to lead me, seem to lead me here! to your touch

Lyrics Gypsilady Music Gypsilady
Publisher Gypsilady Performance Phil Holwey
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