Broken Wing vocal

Story Behind The Song

during a difficult time in my life I took care of my artistic self to be creative again- on a better day. The song is about caregiving: it's only later that the listener understands that the caregiving was for oneself. i am here consoling and nurturing a lost bird with a broken wing; ah, but you see, it was, in quiet truth - my own heart.

Song Description

in my profession, psychology, we call this conversation with ourselves, internal dialogue. we learn to "talk to ourselves", as it were; we call them affirmations; remind yourself. I was nurturing my own wound, my own brokenness, images of wheeling out my aging mother, and forbodings, sorrowful things to come, and past losses - and in a moment (hours) of unexpected deep peace and quiet contentment, i wrote this song to honor the process of not missing sweet moments even during times of travail. It became a way of life, and changed mine. Perhaps for a listener it can provide some perspective and direction in lonely hours where we are sick at heart.

Song Length 4:21 Genre Country - General, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood Peaceful Subject Gratitude, Healing
Language English


I sat beside you in the night, i wrapped your broken wing. i wheeled your song out into the night when you were much too weak to sing. i held your dreams safe in my mind, in the deep cradle of my own imagining. I brought you once a single rose; i laid it on your bed. the petals fell upon your clothes; tho' you could not life up your head. between a dream and the falling rain; this is what i thought you said: the spirit is a restless bird that listens while the children sing; and love is, a simple word, but oh! the promises it brings! so now before another wind comes to blow your dreams apart; take the time; the time to fly - my heart. The spirit is a restless bird that watches while the children sleep; and love is -such a simple word- but oh!the mysteries it keeps! so now before another wind comes to blow your dreams apart. take the time. the time to fly - my heart! i wrapped your broken wing

As a Broadjam Pro reviewer I wish to help you with my personal knowledge and experience honestly to improve as I'm always trying to improve in my own crafts. I believe you have great idea concepts for your lyrics but in "Broken Wing vocal" you might like to work on some structures and a hook line. Then record with all the professional elements you can gather to polish your "Broken Wing" song. Then move forward in sharing with others who are in & out of the music recording industry. We as song writers know we can always do re writes as long as it's not recorded & mastered down and published. In my opinion when a song is then released it is set finally in stone and to release otherwise is not a good reflection on the abilities we as artists have a responsibility to always improve.
Thank you for letting me review "Broken Wing vocal" and look forward to reviewing more.

Lyrics gypsilady Music gypsilady
Producer Johnny Neel & GypsiLady Publisher Gypsilady & Brown Music Productions, Inc BMI
Performance Tennessee 5 Label Gypsil

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