Story Behind The Song

Remake of a 1992 song by Robert Mirabelle called "Eye of the Storm"

Song Description

A dreamy electronic landscape - calm and serene melodic lines - strong deliberate break - lots of intricacy

Song Length 5:24 Genre Electronic - Downbeat, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Peaceful, Tranquil
Subject Dreams, Infinity


Never had I felt so sure
A pure and genuine design
Until you came to guide a tour
Through every room of my mind

How could I ever hope to find
Present a face I?ve never shown
Love, you?re everything I want
And nothing I have ever known

Atone me, for your words enlight
Touch me, for your hands redeem
Author, lift your pen and write
Take me to your lucid dream

Picture me in perfect light
On boardwalks of noonday sun
Raise a glass, release the past
The spell was cast at 2:01

And so it is, a perfect sight
Penetrate the field of light
To nature?s host, the Orchid Coast
The distance of my beckoned flight

Resplendent with her vital rains
The shining sea runs through her veins
Descendent of the Oceanids
Emerging from the shadow plane

Alone, inside a distant night
Bathing in her crescent light
Maiden of the ancient shore
Love her once, and ever more

Moonlight, cast the midnight pure
Shimmering unconscious streams
Scents and sounds abound allure
Siren of the Shawnee dream

Celestial, above the tides
Unfolding from the depths of now
Open, as the soft sunrise
Flowing, as the sacred Tao

Elysian, I am engrossed
Open to what matters most
Penetrate with twisting fate
To pollinate the Orchid Ghost

Lyrics Thomas Eckert Music Robert Mirabelle
Producer Robert Mirabelle Publisher Groovesalad
Performance Robert Mirabelle Label Groovesalad
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Kathy Raimey My Top Songs 9/10/2007

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