Kathy Raimey's music has appeared frequently on Broadjam's top ten charts. Whether new age, soundtrack, or, electronic, her work reveals a rich and diverse palette. A short list of influences includes; Steve Halpern, Patrick O'Hearn, Mark Isham, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Palestrina, Beethoven, Brahms, Ravel, Bartok, Part, Pauline Oliveros, Joni Mitchell, Loreena McKennett, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Steely Dan, Jean-Luc Ponty, and the Beatles.

Holding degrees from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and Furman University, with further study in Vienna, Austria, Kathy began playing professionally at the age of 13, and has worked in various locations including Cincinnati; Vienna; and Atlanta. Currently based in Raleigh, NC, she works as an educator, composer and musician.

Her discography includes, "It Is Always Now", Oct 2007, and "Flowers of Fire", May 2001. Credits include commercial/promo cues at "the CW" TV network, and, MusicChoice', Soundscapes.

Latest News

February, 2009

"It Is Always Now",
ranked in the 2008 Top 100 New Age Airplay Chart! Peaking at #11 in April, it charted for 6 months and settled in at #47 for the year.

As one of the top sellers in the New Age Progressive Alternative genre at CD Baby, it received great reviews from Bill Binkelman and RJ Lannan.

It hit #1 at Music Choice' "Soundscapes" TV in June and August and ranked in its top ten for 6 months.

Visit www.kathyraimey.com


Kathy has been making music since early childhood.

She began playing professionally at the age of 13, and has worked as an educator and musician in various locations including Cincinnati, Vienna, Austria, and Atlanta. Currently on the faculty at the Cary School of Music in Cary NC, she is also working on a CD, and submitting works to music libraries and independent projects.

Holding degrees from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and Furman University, with further study in Vienna, Austria, her main teachers included Maria Seidlhofer, David Bar-Illan, Jeanne Kirstein, and Ruby Morgan. As well she studied with chamber music coach Lee Fizer, of the LaSalle Quartet, and jazz pianist, Ted Howe.

Kathy developed a loyal following of listeners with her live improvisations of contemplative music while serving as Music Director at Midtown Spiritual Community in Atlanta from 2001 to 2004.

More info at www.kathyraimey.com

Broadjam Top Ten

The following pieces have reached the Top Ten charts:

New Age, New Age Meditative, New Age Neo Classical, North Carolina.

"Farewell to Lee"
New Age, New Age Meditative. New Age Neo Classical, North Carolina.

"Many Hands Make Light the Load - Piano & Strings"
Unique Soundtracks, North Carolina.

"Many Hands Make Light the Load - Piano Solo"
New Age Neo Classical.

"Questions to the Sea"
New Age Neo Classical.

"Reverie - Piano Solo"
New Age (#1, 01-06-07), New Age Neo Classical (#1, 11-18-06). New Age Downloads (#1, 01-06-07). North Carolina (#1, 11-20-06).

North Carolina

"Impromptu (3:13)" - New Age Neo Classical

"Questions to the Sea - Piano Solo" - New Age Neo Classical, North Carolina

"Flowers of Fire"
New Age (#1- 01-24-07), New Age Contemporary (#1-01-24-07), Production-Instrumental

"Riverbend (abridged)"
New Age Progressive (09 Apr 07 - 01 May 07).

Flowers of Fire - the CD

“Flowers of Fire” is a rich stream-of-consciousness piano improvisation accompanied by the sound of ocean surf and subtle instrumental voices.

Since 2001, it has been embraced by a loyal following of listeners, and has been used for massage therapy sessions, yoga classes, meditation, and for the sheer relaxation it evokes.

A full-length CD is in the works.


Kathy Raimey's EP length debut CD, has received international airplay in Japan, Romania and Canada, and numerous radio stations in the U.S. from Alaska to New York City have added it to their new age program playlists. A sampling of these include:

LOVE FM - Fukuoka, JAPAN
CHGA - Maniwaki, Quebec, CANADA
Radio ARAD - Arad, ROMANIA
KEUL - Girdwood, Alaska
KTEP - El Paso, Texas
KUMD - Duluth, Minnesota
WAWL - Chattanooga, Tennessee
WBAI - New York, NY
WDBX - Carbondale, Illinois
WDPS - Dayton, Ohio
WKNH - Keene, New Hampshire
WXPR - Rhinelander, Wisconsin
WMBR - Cambridge, Massachusetts
WSIA - Staten Island, NY
WZBC - Boston, Massachusetts

Review - Aquarius Times, Aug 01

"Imagine walking along the beach in the early morning, listening to the quiet hiss of gentle waves, feeling the sand give under your bare feet, and noticing the soft, pastel colors around you. This is the gentle, reflective quality you will find in Kathy Raimey's debut CD, "Flowers of Fire." Her soft piano improvisations were conceived in the early hours of each morning when she was "still close to the dream state," and the music is perfect for that time of day, or for meditation or healing work. The sound of ocean waves provides the background for the pensive, heartfelt melodies that soothe and comfort the listener.

"Flowers of Fire", with its beautiful cover art, also by Kathy Raimey, will only be found in a few local stores and on Raimey's website, www.cdbaby.com/kathyraimey, as she is a local, independent artist who is not yet represented by a distributor. It's worth the effort to seek it out!"

Aquarius Metaphysical Newspaper Article:
World & New Age Music Reviews
Volume 9, No. 3 - August 2001
Kathryn Sargent, Music Reviewer - Aquarius Times

The Creative Process

The Making of Flowers of Fire
(Kathy Raimey)
All compositions (c) 2001 - Spiral Soundcase Music - ASCAP

Each piece on this collection began as an artistic exercise in freedom. Early in the morning while still close to the dream state, I often go to the studio and play. I record each session and through the years have acquired a sizable collection, which I refer to as my improv diary. These particular improvisations were created during a time period in which I was healing from my mother's passing. I chose five that stood out on their own, yet worked together as a suite. Later, I added extra voices, the sound of ocean surf, and titles. My intention was to create music to promote healing on many different levels that would be appropriate for quiet times, massage, and relaxing.

Since having released this CD, I have been told more than a few times that it has been used for the care and comfort of families and friends whose loved one was nearing transition. I feel humbled and honored that it has served others in this capacity.


Thoughts on Improvisation

Kathy's interest in improvisation began at an early age and continues to play a vital role in her music, piano teaching, and visual art.

Her award-winning watercolor, "Improvisation" is the basis for the cover art on "Flowers of Fire". She writes:

"Essential to all of us, improvisation is as natural as breathing. It is unedited body-soul-and-brain-storming freedom. In its commitment to move forward, it is fearless, bold, and opens doors to inner rooms we never noticed. There is no right or wrong - but only the moment. Improvisation in music, dance, art, poetry, or just plain living, is the art of the moment. It reminds us that it is always now."


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