I will love you forever

Story Behind The Song

This song was inspired by a beautiful instrumental on this site of the same title, composed by the very talented Jeana Potthoff. I asked her if she would let me write a lyric and she graciously agreed!

Song Length 4:01 Genre Rock - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists Sting


On this special day
In my own small way
I will choose some words to tell you how I feel
And my words may fade
But not the promise that I made
For evermore, I know this love is real

I can't even guess
Where this world goes next
The human race may shine or it may fall
We may create a place
Of brotherhood and grace
Or fight until there's nothing left at all

Of one thing I'm sure
There's a love that runs so pure
It flows just like a never ending river
And there's a bond so true
Connecting me and you
And that's a force not even time can sever
I will love you forever
I will love you....
I will love you.....
I will love you forever

We are each so small
Tiny islands all
We brace our shores to battle wind and weather
But through storms and strife
The value of this life
Is the sacred thread that ties us all together
And I will love you forever
I will love you.....
I will love you....
I will love you forever

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Jeana Potthoff
Producer Greg Johnson/Jeana Potthoff Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson/Jeana Potthoff Label None
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