California Gold

Song Length 3:51 Genre Country - General
Similar Artists Glen Campbell, John Stewart


I've never cared for city sights
The crazy crowds, the traffic lights and lines
I'd rather spend my time in quiet reflection
In the mountains 'neath the pines

Some folks love the constant motion
And the great majestic ocean of the coasts
But the crisp, clean country air and mountain streams
Are what move me the most

Still tonight I'm packing up my truck
At daybreak, I'll head west
And tomorrow night with any luck
See the one I love the best
And these longin arms will finally get to hold
My California gold

I won't soon be forgetting
How I met her at a wedding in LA
For me, that city lacks appeal
But no one else can make me fee that way

And the Colorado sunsets
Are as beautiful as one gets anywhere
And Colorado's got a lot to love
But Colorado ain't got her

California had the gold rush back in 1849
Some folks found there treasure there
I know I found mine
And God, ain't she a beauty to behold
My California gold

Her voice is like a whisper now
That's floating in the breeze
My spirit's soaring high above the trees

Tonight I'm packing up my truck....

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