What If

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What If Jan 16/03

Just read the headlines in the paper today, while I was waiting in the line

Guilty as charged, for his crime he must pay, I join the angry mob.

I know all the facts, I read it myself, the evidence is there.....in black and white.

A fleeting thought crosses my mind, and I find myself part of that crowd who

long ago said - "Guilty as charged, for His crime He must pay, it's the only way."

I was part of that sea of humanity carrying all my beliefs in a small little box, a box that's

dainty and nice, like a fashion accessory.....identical to those who walked alongside.

The Truth stood before , for all to see, silently.......waiting for me.

Nothing to say, what more could be said, it speaks against the voices.....

inside of my head.

What if there's more to life than what meets the eye, what if life is like a hologram

turned to the side, what if things in the mirror are not quite what they appear.....

What if saints turn to sinners and sinners to saints, guilt turns to innocence,

innocence to guilt, what if those drinking in knowledge are dying of thirst......

What if the first shall be last, the last shall be first?

The truth stands before, for all to see, silently....waiting for me.

Nothing to say, what more can be said, it speaks against the voices.....
inside of my head....

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