honesty is the worst policy

Song Length 2:45 Genre Rock - Punk, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


She said, ?Don't expect so much if you don't want to be let down.?
She said, ?We've done enough.?
Well it's not enough to keep me satisfied.
I don't want to believe that you would actually do this to me.

Don?t mind these words,
It?s just the Holden Caulfield in me talking.
Don?t explain to me,
You?re wasting your breath.
You?ve made mistakes I?ll never understand.

In honesty, why were we so damn cruel?
It never anaesthetized at all.
Whatever was there isn?t anymore.
Love is still but never saved us before.

The only medication left is amputation.

Ignore my efforts and all my lines,
And I?ll keep trying,
Until we cut the ties.

Distance makes the heart grow cold,
And time won't heal anything.

Lyrics Michael Larrabee Music gocasual
Producer Jonathan Wyman Performance gocasual

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