Lost In The World

Story Behind The Song

Song based on the true life story of Gerda Weissmann Klein. In the early years of her life she went through the holocaust where she lost her parents and her brother. This song captures the emotional turmoil of that time.

Song Description

"The harmony in the piano chords is simply beautiful. The singer sounds like she is truly singing from a feeling deep inside. she doesn't have to force anything. Her voice fits well with the music. together they create an extraordinarily dramatic song with great emotion and feeling behind it. The temp and pitches work well together. It's pleasing to the ear. I would listen to this song again. Its a moving piece of art. The composition is complex enough to keep an audience interested, yet simple enough to not over power the singer." -reviewer from Reverbnation-

Song Length 3:50 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Depressing, Poignant
Subject Loneliness, Courage Similar Artists Norah Jones, elle king
Era 1980 - 1989


Destined for despise
I just feel confined
Lost in who I am
Scared of the ignorance

Losing hope is not what I need
What I need is you beside me
Wipe away my fear
Take me out of here

In a mad world that's lost itself
Who cares for nobody else
With hope and goodness, I'll get through this
I know, I know

Lying in the streets
No one seems to weep
Where have they all gone
All of this is wrong

How can you be so far away
All I want is home
Not to be alone

In a mad world that's lost itself
Who cares for nobody else
With hope and goodness, I'll get through this
I know, I know

A verry nice voice and a nice song. The piano playing is also verry nice. keep up the good work!

What an awesome heartfelt song that moves me. Beautiful piano playing and fabulous vocal style/vocalist. The song has such depth without anything else needed to grab the attention. Great song.

WOW JUST WOW Seriously loved this song. Your voice is incredible. Sweet, thought provoking, surreal almost.. Totally dig it. The piano was also wonderful with a haunting touch but pleasing to the ear as well.

A journey with just voice and piano... and a journey worth taking for sure. The sustaining piano and the solemn words work well together to complete the message and better yet, complete a great, emotive tune. Fine work for sure.

I like the piano at the beginning of the song. Beautiful voice as well - sounds a little like Cindi Lopper.

You already sound like a star, apparently.

The vocal is sung with a lot of passion and feeling. The vocal evokes a sad kind of hopelessness. The piano playing is also very emotive and heartfelt. You have a very pretty voice!

Lyrics Gina Marie Music Gina Marie
Producer None Publisher None
Performance Gina Marie Label None
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