Soldiers Song

Song Description

A soldier's feelings and obligations to his family and country during times of war drives his determination to win.

Song Length 4:40 Genre Unique - Patriotic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Pride, War Language English
Era 2000 and later


Written and Composed by Rodney B. Miles, Sr

I?m just a soldier, that?s all I know
Where ever they send me, that?s where I go
No matter if desert, or cold winter snow
See I won?t give up; and I won?t give in
And I won?t give up, the fight?. for right
Till I win.

I love my family; I love my home
So what would I do then, if it?s all gone
I must protect them from forces unknown
So I won?t give up, and I won?t give in
See I won?t give up, this fight for right
Till I win.

I, I, I see the flag flying high
I, I ?ll defend the flag until I die
I, I?ll defend this flag until I die

I hear em blowing, the winds of war
I heard them blowing many times before
They?re calling our soldiers to some distant shore.
Where they won?t give up; and they won?t give in
And they won?t give up, the fight?. for right
Till they win

Up in the sky now, there?s a giant war bird
Out in the distance, the thunder can be heard
You say you can stop me, that sounds so absurd
Cause I won?t give up; and we won?t give in
And we won?t give up, this fight for right
I?m gonna win.
I?m gonna win
You can?t stop me
I?m gonna win
We?re gonna win

Lyrics Rodney B Miles Sr Producer Olde Skool Studio

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