Song Length 2:42 Genre Unique - Holiday
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Subject Mother, Joy Language English
Era 2000 and later


Written and Composed by RODNEY B. MILES SR.

You?re like a Lily from the valley
You shine just like a star
And I love you mom
No matter where you are
You?re my hope and inspiration
The reason that I live
And it?s because of you
And all the love you give
All the things that you?ve done for me
When I was to blind to see

You?re giving me your flowers
Of wisdom everyday
Giving me your flowers
With every word you say

When the family was in trouble
You made me feel secure
And I thank you momma
For all that you endured
The neighbors called you angel
To me you were a queen
And I thank you mom
For the flowers in my dream
Every day when I think of you
All the feelings come shining through

And my world is full of flowers
Beautiful flowers
You bring me flowers

There?s so much more I could tell
But I would rather that you smell
These Flowers
Smell them while you live
These Flowers
For all the love you give
We?re bring you Flowers
Bringing you Flowers
Beautiful flowers
All my life you give me flowers
Everyday of my flowers
You bring me flowers

Lyrics Rodney B Miles Sr Music Rodney B Miles Sr
Producer Olde Skool Studio

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