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I made this song on the piano at first and then made it in Reason. Solid dance track.

Song Description

Dance track.

Song Length 4:30 Genre Electronic - General, Electronic - Dance
Similar Artists deadmau5 Language English

if this nsint the greatest song on this site then i dont know what is cuz the drums are jumpin and the bass sounds like a basketball bouncing on the floor in my high school gymnasium, and the synths play notes that fit the chords sort of and the wndy thingis always just right and the claps are clappy like claps should be and the kick bounces a pattern that sounds like morse code and the claps sort of come and go like all the other sounds coming and going and then coming back and its all in one key and it never changes to any minor or anything like that which would just detract me fom how amazing this song is cuz its the best and awesome so i wanna buy it and play it backwards sometimes to see if the devil coes into my house when i do that cuz the devil is the ackwards of amazing, which is what your song is forwards, the best i heard in the last 20 minutes and it should be alot longer too

Music Megan Murray Producer Megan Murray
Performance Megan Murray
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Electroma My Top Songs 7/3/2012

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