Story Behind The Song

I made this in Propellerhead Reason they are up to Reason 7.0! Well, sometimes it's good to be stuck with limited sounds. That way you aren't totally emersed on finding some inspirational new sound amongst thousands of others. There are so many sounds in DAW, plug-ins, sound banks, and synthesizers, that It's hard to pick the right sound. Well, needless to say....I found the right sounds because I was familiar with my choices.

Song Description

Stabbing, yet soothing string ensemble over top of a low octave sine wave, used as bass.

Song Length 4:48 Genre Electronic - General, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Passive


Play on my fears.
Make my nightmares come true.
See if you can get a rise out of me.
That's what you do.
Until we escape, your prying eyes watch and wait.

Bring us back to Hell
Don't think twice
About staying
If you fall
Kill me once and for all
You laid my life out
Piece by piece
Smile back
Walk close to me
Stare at my insides
Bleeding out
Gut wrenching and disgusting
While I want someone
Anywhere to love me
Take the flowers
From outside
Let them die
In my room
Slow motion decay
Depleted soul disarray
Inching closer and closer
Til we escape
Prying eyes
Watch and wait

Lyrics Megan Murray Music Megan Murray
Producer Megan Murray
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The LovePops DreamPop EDM 9/5/2012
Nick Fuse Cosmic Cozies 9/5/2012
Nick Fuse Songs that Need Lyrics 9/5/2012

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