Song Description

struggling with intolerance and stupidity and trying to stay tuned into your people and your love

Song Length 4:36 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Irritated, Frenzied
Subject Conformity, Universe Similar Artists Beck, Neko Case
Language English


we'e showin symptoms of divine love
we all better go lie down
ahhh they love this ,all the apocolyptics
so pent up they can barely frown
cant wait to stop bailing and drown
this trembling, pleading crowd

i need a saint just to keep my eyes on ,
one made just for me
made from parts of my favorite stoics
from my favorite grim movies
id like to spend some time at ease
before my coldest most immovable sleep

its been shade and a hanging tree
i aint as good as i hoped id be
i got a puzzle of teeth
wanna bite into everything

black now but your eyes will adjust
she finds me and pulls me in
when the stars light we are tangled and silent
this minute so totally here
and i hear the holy sound
through her back shes breathing now

its been warm rain and a swarm of bees
i aint been as kind as i hoped id be
i got a puzzle of teeth
wanna fight back with anything

Lyrics eddie dixo0n Music eddie dixon

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