Story Behind The Song

there is a person im thinking of with this song. bad boyfriends, woke up and was paralyzed for months with a weird ailment, family deaths and still she seemed so full of poise and calm

Song Description

someone you know cant seem to catch ANY break and it starts to seem tragically beautiful

Song Length 3:14 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Mad, Welcoming Subject Luck/Coincidence
Similar Artists Beck, Kings Of Leon Language English
Era 2000 and later



kissed all the stones but it wasnt enough to make you lucky
with every toast i drink it all to make you lucky
tilt the machine and it wasnt enough
to make you lucky

if you believe in the manager you must believe in vendettas
theres a mark on you as plain
as the hat on your head
thats just drawing the rain
the ants take the junction box
and its black now as a tornado heart
you sigh more than you weep
a professional JOB just chewin your teeth

your daddys wish it wasnt enough to make you lucky
revival tent it wasnt enough to make you lucky
ive seen you ask nice and it wasnt enough
to make you lucky

your resolve is colonial up against the dark bells of the thunder
but there are batteries in the light
and too much has happened to worry tonight
you drink when you storytell but youre eyes stay so stoic
maybe alone you get mad
maybe this firewatch is all that you'll have

fair things might as well be unicorns
might as well talk of monkeys with wings
if we wanna talk of such things

Lyrics eddie dixon Music eddie dixon
Producer eddie dixon Publisher eddie dixon
Performance eddie dixon

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