Son of Man

Story Behind The Song

My life and the what brought me to God. Best choice I ever made!

Song Length 4:08 Genre R & B - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Joyful Subject God, Money
Similar Artists , R. Kelly Language English
Era 2000 and later


Use to live in a world of sin
Didn't know who Jesus was
Didn't know how to treat my friends
Cause I didn't have no love
Then Jesus stepped into my life
Took the pain from inside
Took the chains from this world
and now i realize

Money can't help me
Money can't help me
Friends don't stay
Friends don't stay
Everyone needs Jesus
Everyone needs Jesus
The Son of Man (twice)

Had a big o house on the hill
had a lot of stuff inside well,well
had a brand new Coup Deville
Lavish house and lavish ride
then the money stopped coming in
and so did my friends
Didn't know where my life would begin
I didn't know where it end.....

Some one knows what I'm talking about
Some one is going threw heart ships and pain
I don't care what you're going threw
cause cant nobody, i said cant nobody do you like my Jesus
Someone needs Christ tonight!

Money can't help me
Money can't help me
Friends don't stay
Friends don't stay
Everyone needs Jesus
Everyone needs Jesus
The Son of Man (twice)


It's a good song, but there are production issues. I like the track, but there is something rubbing the wrong way Chord wise with the piano that was chosen or you should eq some of the bass out of it, and I like the singer's tone, but the pocket was predictable, and there were some sharps and flats (most singers have their verses pitch corrected, and I don't mean auto tune)...I noticed that some singers just fight and fight pitch correction because they think their voice will sound auut-tuned or computerized....but if you use melodyne...your voice will still sound thats me as an engineer talking, but because so many singers pitch correct their vocals to sound perfectly tuned, that is what the general public's ear is now used to...they might not know how to vocalize their issue with a song..but they know it doesn't sound right...and that's because now they are used to harmonic perfection....

Love the vocals and sparse harmonies.......a bit Carleen Anderson in places!

Great voice.

Lyrics Dorian Harrison Music Kevin Green
Performance Dorian Harrison

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