Donald Wiles
over 30 days ago to Freshoffabreakup

Thank you for your review of our material. I didn't know era sensitivity was an issue...just content. I promise to do better next time. Thanks again.

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over 30 days ago

You're welcome...era sensitivity is not really an issue...except when it is a criteria for certain opportunities..and I guess what I was trying to say is if a opportunity or listing asked for a seventies or eighties soul song, or a jazz/r&b feel (or classic R&B), then I would submit the song as is...but if the listing specified R&B Soul...I would assume that they meant current R&B Soul and I wouldn't submit it as is. In reading your profile I realized that we are in different geographical markets and that what is considered "Current R&B Soul" in Chicago may be very different my market, which is Los you could cater your music to what you notice the listings are requesting the most or you could just do you and make the music you want to make and just submit them to listings that you think are a match. (I do both, but I don't really like the pay to submit I do more submissions though reverbnation and I don't have much of my catalogue on this site) .

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