I Don't Believe In Time (Pre-production)

Story Behind The Song

I'm a big fan of Albert Einstein and wanted to write a song about death, incorporating his ideas on space/time. Please excuse its rough nature--thought I'd try to get feedback to see if it's worth doing more professionally. I'm really not usually this depressing to be around. :)

Song Description

Takes a philosophical look at life/space/time and death.

Song Length 3:17 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Existence, Life
Similar Artists Jewel, Shawn Colvin Language English
Era 2000 and later


Did I really lose you
Or could you still be here
Did it happen yesterday
Or has it been years

Am I getting older
Or moving far too slow
Are the things I question
What I already know

If I could move the speed of light to the star from which you fell
Could you meet me halfway down from heaven and pull me from this hell

Take me away, take me far from this place
Cause this life has no reason or rhyme
If I refuse to acknowledge the space
Maybe I'll erase the past if I, don't believe in time
Don't believe in time
Don't believe in time

Is this an illusion
Is this All That Is
Present, past and future

Holographic universe
The whole in every part
Containing you completely
In the pieces of my heart


Good song with a nice gentle flow, I liked the transition from verse to chorus. The harmonies worked well, felt like I was in a small folk club, I liked this song, thanks.

Moody and sensual...this song has great potential if cleaned up and more instrumentation added...I can hear it on NPR and campus stations for sure.

Lyrics Dianne MacAdam Music Dianne MacAdam
Producer Dianne MacAdam Publisher Dianne MacAdam
Performance Dianne MacAdam Label Dianne MacAdam
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