VI - Crooked Jack

Song Length 4:38 Genre World - Celtic



Come Irishmen both young and old
With adventure in your soul
There are better ways to spend your days
Than working down a hole

He was tall and true, all of 6 foot 2
Till they broke him across his back
By a name he's known it's not his own
For they call him Crooked Jack

The ganger's blue-eyed pet was he
Big Jack could do no wrong
And the reason simply was because
He could work hard hours and long

He's seen men old before their time
Their faces drawn and gray
He never thought so soon would he
Be lined the self same way

He cursed the day that he went away
To work on the hydro dams
For sweat and tears for hopes and fears
Bound up in shuttering jams

They say that honest toil is good
For the spirt and the soul
He'll tell you boys it's for sweat and blood
That they want you down a hole

Song: Trad

Lead vocal: Delta
Backup vocal: Joe Podlesney
Borhan: Tom Byrns
Guitars: Joe Podlesney
Violin: Chis Devine
Keyboard: Joe Podlesney

Good Celtic folk song. I like the fast paced rhythm and song development. Well performed and arranged. Pleasant vocals. Very clear recording.

Stirring! love it

Love it. Love it. Love it. Moving and melodic... love it.

Very nice track, good selection of instruments, contributes to the feeling of the song. Vocals are top notch, and love the Bodrum drum.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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