IX - An Emigrant's Daughter

Song Length 4:22 Genre World - Celtic



Oh please ne'er forget me though waves now lie o're me
I was once young and pretty and my spirt ran free
But destiny tore me from country and loved ones
And from the new land I was never to see.
A poor emigrant's daughter too frighten to know
I was leaving forever the land of my soul
Amid struggle and fear my parents did pray
To place courage to leave o'er the longing to stay.

They spoke of a new land far away 'cross the sea
And of peace and good fortune for my brothers and me
So we parted from townland with much weeping and pain
Kissed the loved ones and the friends we would ne'er see again.
The vessel was crowded with disquieted folk
The escape from past hardship sustaining their hope
as the last glimpse of Ireland faded into the mist
Each one fought back tears and felt strangely alone.

The seas roared in anger, making desperate our plight
And a fever came o'er me that worsened next night
Then delirium possessed me and clouded my mind
And I, for a moment, saw the that land the land left behind.
I could hear in the distance my dear mother's wailing
And the prayers of three brothers that I'd see no more
And I felt father's tears as he begged for forgiveness
For seeking a new life on the still distant shore.

Oh please ne'er forget me though waves now lie o'er me
I was once young and pretty and my spirit ran free.

Song lyrics by Berry Taylor
Music: Trad

Lead vocal: Delta
Backup vocal :Joe Podlesney
Guitars: Joe Podlesney
Violin: Chris Devine
Whistle: Tom Byrns
Keyboard: Joe Podlesney
Bass: Joe Podlesney


Love the melody line, good combination of instruments, kept my interest all the way through...oh and wonderfull voice : )

A nice story told here and easy to listen to with great lyrics.

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