II - A Maiden's Lament

Song Length 3:47 Genre World - Celtic



When it was that I was very young
My mother told me ne'er to love,
T'would only bring sore lament.
So into womanhood I was sent.

The first lad came a courtin' one day,
He was a shepherd wanderin' astray.
I said "Good sir, go look to your flock,
This maiden's heart you'll ne'er unlock."

Another lad came a courtin' me
He was a sailor bold and free.
I said, "Good sir, hoist your riggin' and sail,
for a wooin' of me can only fail."

The last lad he a courtin' came
His smithy's life tied to the flame.
I said "Good sir, go tend to your fire
for my maidenhead I shall ne'er retire."

And now as my youth is all spent
I know what it is to truly lament
These many years of misery had
Never a knowin' the love of a lad.

Lyrics written by Erin Reed Ferenbaugh
Music by Joe Podlesney

Lead vocal: Delta
Guitars:Joe Podlesney
Violin: Chris Devine
Whistle: Tom Byrns
Keyboard: Joe Podlesney
Bass: Joe Podlesney

Love the instrumentation, all mixed beautifully. Would like to hear more in this vein

DBR is this you? If your initials are not DBR I'm sorry. Wonderful song. I love the organic nature of this song. There just aren't any flaws in music like this. You couldn't complain about it if you tried. 2 people could be having a fight and then this song comes on and they'd stop and listen and by the end they'd have forgotten what they were fighting about.

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