Bluestone Mountain - Bluegrass

Story Behind The Song

I have 2 versions of this song and I like both....So what do I do? There is a write up on the other version about how I found this song

Song Description

Cora Jones a Civil war widow lives on Bluestone Mountain in West Virginia with a young son and both are lost

Song Length 4:37 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Folk - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Life, History, Past
Similar Artists Loreena McKennitt Language English
Era 1800 - 1899


If you wander through the hills of West Virginia
down to where the greenbriar winds
turn your ear toward Bluestone Mountain
an you just might hear the sound of a young girl

Some say it's the wind through the canyon
as it blows a lonesome sound through the pines
some say it's the sound of the river
but I say it's just Cora Jones a' cryin'

Cora lived alone on Bluestone Mountain
a little blond-haired boy there by her side
the bloody civil war made her a widow
an little Jacob was her life-blood and her pride

Hummming.....and I say it's just Cora Jones a'cryn'

Sometimes I wonder if God watches
and sometimes life can turn in cruel ways
'cause on a cold autumn day in late October
little Jacob wandered in Scott Hollow Cave

Now the caves of West Virginia run forever
like a maze of black ribbon through the ground
Cora went to search for little Jacob
but neither Jake nor Cora would be found


So, if wander through the hills of West Virginia
down to where the greenbriar winds
turn your ear toward Bluestone Mountain
you just might hear the sound of a young girl
cryin' oooooo-crying oooooo-crying

A beauty of a song. Well written and sung exquisitely. Solid professional piece. Well done.


Nice folksy feeling tune


Great overall sound.... good recording

Great storytelling delivered in a haunting and beautiful fashion, with really good vocals and instrumentation that is really ideal for the piece, so as not to mask the lyrics.

This has an endearing Appalachian folk story. Sounds very traditional, but I've never heard it before.

I do not rate things this way. You have another "Whiskey River", off coarse my buddy's at Broadjam will be inordinately interested, classics are just that. Wow! You have a baby,
can you put her where she belongs. Your voice is perfect, do a harmony, and get Allison to cover it with you! Nothing like 2 "Whiskey Rivers" Thanks to you, and, sorry to say, Broadjam.

Excellent fusion of bluegrass and folk. Nice mixing of female lead vocal with male background vocals.

Nice song, pretty voice, decent lyrics.

nice sounding voice pleasant guitar reminds me of my early days playing coffeehouse music all the time

lyrics were really sad. it is always sad to loose someone. this song sounds almost mysteriously ghostly. they are hearing sounds in the hills.

Bluegrass based folk song about a woman who's spirit can still be heard 'a crying'... Very nice backing track...nicely mic'd acoustic instruments...really sets the table for this folkie tune.

very nice story telling. really enjoyed it. Love the acoustic guitar.

I liked the melody here. I thought the arrangement was quite solid as well. The parts of the song transitioned together well and the subtle dynamic changes added a nice touch. The pattern picking parts had a nice soothing feel and the different instruments complimented things nicely. The song itself had kind of a haunting sort of feel which I thought worked well with the lyrics.

This is a mix of genres all of which are very cool...I can hear this going country, Americana/folk and bluegrass...I loved the minor chord progression and the instrumentation. The vocal was beautifully performed. I wouldn't be surprised to hear you got this placed in a movie or television show as background's that good...

A very nice song. A very nice story painted. Great instrumentation, nice variety in the different sections. Great instrumentation , melody & flow to the song.

This is a nice ballad; tells a good story. Kind of sad, but effective as a story folk song. Love the intro and instrumentation; beautiful guitar and friendly banjo; nicely mixed. The lyrics are original and beautifully written. Excellent conclusion. The melody is beautiful and plaintive and suits the lyric perfectly. Great folk song! Keep up the good work!

Lyrics Mark Brinkman Music Joe Podlesny
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/ music arranger Joe Podlesny Label Avocet Studios
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