Ba Loo Loo, My Lammie

Story Behind The Song

Song for my grandchildren

Song Description

Mother singing to baby about a fishing father who is on the sea.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Folk - Traditional, World - Celtic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Diplomatic Subject Loneliness, Life
Similar Artists Loreena McKennitt, Sarah Brightman Language English
Era 1800 - 1899


Ba Loo Loo my Lammie, ba loo loo,my dear.
Now ba loo loo ain minnie is here.
What ails my wee bairnie?
What ails it this nicht?
What ails my wee barinie? is barinie no richt?

Ba Loo Loo, my Lammie, now ba loo. my dear
Does wee lammie ken that its daddie's
no here?
Ye're rockin fu' sweetly on mommies warm knee,
but daddie's a rockin' upon the sauté sea.

Now hush a ba, Lammie, Now hush a, my dear;
Now hush a ba Lammie, ain minnie is here;
The wild wind is ravin; and mammie's heart's sair
The wild wind is ravin and ye'dinna care.
Sing ba loo, my Lammie, sing ba loo, my dear;
Sing ba loo, my Lammie an minnie is here
My wee barinie's dozin, it's dozen now fine, and
Oh! may its waukin be blyther than mine.

Scots vocabulary
ain-own fu-full wee-little
minnie-mother barirnie-baby
Saut-salt nicht-night richt-right
ravin-blowing sair-sore
ken-know ye'dinna-you do not
ye're-you are waukin-wakin

Lovely delivery. Great vocals. Strong voice and confident delivery. I like what sound like uilleann pipes as accompaniment. They add to the Celtic flavor of the piece and the Scot-dominant lyrics. It is a lullaby so it has the potential to be sung a cappella or with spare instumentation, which speaks well to the song.

If you want to be transported into the nursery corner of a quaint little cottage in Ireland and envision a young mother rocking her baby and singing her to sleep in an old wooden rocker, this is your song. The bagpipe introduction is gentle and perfect, effortlessly moving into a keyboard arrangement, joined by a beautifully authentic vocal. I could see this used in a movie! Great job!

I love the motivational sentiment of this song of a mother singing to her baby about her beloved husband who is away at sea. These are the lullabies that shape our destiny, our character, our capacity to love as we grown and learn in this crazy mixed up world. We need more of this as a world community. Bravo!

Fresh start for this number! Beautiful voice and recorded correctly!

I like the overall sound of the song very much. It is my kind of music. My old ears could not pick out all the lyric and I look forward to listening again when I can read the words - for me the most important component of a song. The vocal is gorgeous. The vocal imagery is emotionally strong and tugs on this old folkie's heartstrings.

Very relaxing feel to this one. Vocal add to the dream like sensation. Very pretty and well done

Lyrics Scottish trad lullaby Music Joe podlesny
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/music arranger Joe Podlesny Label avocet studio
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