Everybody Smokes in Europe

Story Behind The Song

I was in France and saw people smoking everywhere. I jokingly exclaimed to my companion "Everybody Smokes in Europe," then thought there may be a comedic song in that.

Song Description

US non-smoker goes to Europe and sees smokers everywhere, and experiences the laid-back sidewalk cafe/wine culture.

Song Length 2:59 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Sociable Subject Cigarettes, Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Similar Artists Ray Coniff Singers, Pery Como Language English
Era 1950 - 1959


Back here at home in the US of A
I can always tow the line

There ain't no smokin' ever indoors
And that rule suits me just fine
D-7 G
But fly across the ocean, it's a different world
C F7
Just like you stepped back in time
G F E7
The laws are loose you get no abuse
A7 D7 G
They don't think that smokin's a crime


Everybody smokes in europe
Everywhere all the time
Gimme nother swig of cough syrup
I'll chase it with a slice of lime
The waitress puffs while she's bringin you stuff
Am F9
The kid that you knew, he's smokin too

So don't blame me if I slip up

Cause everybody smokes in Europe

Everybody's chillin' all of the time

Sittin' at the sidewalk Cafe

Drinkin' a wine with a friend of mine

Watchin' the show all day

Naptime is near, just one more beer

Where'd you put the ashtray?

I don't know why, I know I could die

But you know what I always say:

Even the waitress bringin your food
Doesn't even think it's crude

The cook in the kitchen
is smokin and bitchin'

even the barista
just rolled a twista

If you feel like an outcast


C F#7 Bm7E7 Am7D7 Gma7
Life can be fine passin' the time in he continental way

F#m7b5 B7b9 Em A9 D7

I'm in my prime with a new paradigm in an afternoon soiree

Lyrics Charles Hughes Music Charles Hughes
Producer Charles Hughes Publisher Chuck Hughes Music
Performance Charles Hughes Label Rockin' Cat
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