Blaze of Glory

Story Behind The Song

An armed hostage standoff

Song Description

One man's revolutionary is another man's terrorist

Song Length 3:33 Genre Rap - Alternative, Spoken Word - Experimental
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Disturbed Subject Violence, Frustration
Similar Artists Nwa, 2Pac Language English
Era 2000 and later


Everybody get down, and don't say a fuckin' word.
If I see any body move they're gettin' the first bullet.
Just shut up and maybe you'll be walkin out of here or maybe you won't
Don't piss me off 'cause I've had enough already and I've got nothin' to lose.

There comes a time in someone's life, a time to take a stand
When nothing seems to turn out right, or goes the way you planned
I hope they like what they made me do, I hope they like the story
I played my part, my role was through, so I left in a blaze of glory.

All right I hear 'em comin'-remember whet I said-first one makes a sound gets it in the head
I've got enough for all of you and some for me too, so keep your head down, and soon this'll be through.
I wish it didn't come to this, it didn't have to be this way
But none of you would listen to a single thing I say
So make your last calls, turn on your phones, and dont forget to tell 'em you'll be late comin' home.

Lyrics Chuck Hughes Music Chuck Hughes
Producer Chuck Hughes Publisher Chuck Hughes Music ASCAP
Performance Chuck Hughes
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