The Mark

Song Length 3:00 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine Subject Falling in Love
Language English


You know I didn't know til yesterday
that you mean a lot to me.
I didn't realize its your face that I
always search the crowd to see.

Now when I think of me,
I can't help thinking of you.
I guess I'm finding out the phrase "love grows",
is true.

You're down to earth practicality
has worked its way under my skin
and each day I see a new side of you
that I can't wait to see again.
I cherish the little place I hold
in your heart.
I've tried loving others who love me
but this time, I've hit the mark.

What will I feel like some afternoon
when you're not around to laugh with me?
Will I feel as if a part of me has
gone to keep you company.
We're a funny pair the two of us,
everybody tells me so.
And I wonder if in our laughter
Our love for each other grows.


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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