Milkglass Flame

Song Length 3:04 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Milkglass Flame

What do I see, a shadow on the wall,
it?s the image of me watch it rise, now fall.
Cast by a flame in a tiny milkglass jar,
the shadow it is indistinct,
the light won?t reach that far.

The band in the building, just across the street
Creates a rapid rhythm for the dancers? eager feet.
As the tempo quickens, and foreheads bead with sweat.
The music?s getting louder now-
It will get louder yet.

My little milkglass flame looks drowsy in its cup.
And my eyelids too feel heavy as two trucks.
So up the wooden hill I will drag my weary self.
And I?ll put my pen and notebook, so neatly on the shelf.

Slumber overcomes me as I dream of summer and fun.
The music seems more distant now, as does the day that is done.
My mind is slowly drifting, my thoughts fade with the light.
Another day is over now, I bid the world goodnight.

Lyrics Retta Guest Choate
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