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Subways, buses and trains.
I don?t need them ?cause I live in Maine
Where it?s peaceful to be alive.
No grand Central Station at quarter to five.

Seasons come and they go.
Buds, rain and color and finally snow
To make angels in lying on my back.
Snow and wind soaking through my slacks.

It?s living in nature and loving it.

Dirt roads, cows on the farm.
Downeast accents, Marjorie Standish and charm.
Lakes and fields only discovered by me.
Wire fences quiet and red maple trees.

One of few places unspoiled by man
With his modular homes, an a billion garbage cans.

Salt air, rocks and the surf.
The most beautiful place on earth.
It?s a feeling that gets under your skin.
It?s only found deep within you soul.

Mt. Blue stretching up to the sky.
Titcomb, Voter, Mosher Hills
Making me high.
Lovely, peaceful, like I hope to be.
I?ll always be here, you see-
Maine?s abbreviation is Me.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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