Everything Will Be Alright

Song Description

A house does not make a home.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


There's a house, in the woods
and it's calling to me like it should
There's a boat, on a dock
and it's wishing me goodluck
In the bed, where I lay
I toss and turn and it starts to rain
And the train on the tracks, it has to move, it can't turn back

Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright
Every little, every little, every little bitty thing
Everything will be alright

There's a rush when I play
I lock the door so no one can say
That it's good, that it's bad
Or maybe your songs are just too sad
I go out in the world
and I mingle just the way I should
But there's part of me that wants to stay locked up in the house, I pray that

Everything will be alright

Lyrics Rossella Lamendola Music Rossella Lamendola
Performance Rossella Lamendola
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melthebikerchick China Doll 5/16/2013

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