Song Length 1:00 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Pop - Rock
Language English Era 1990 - 1999

I like the key changes,very cute. Vocals are nice and quirky. Arrangement is really very good,I like this a lot. Great stuff. Oh I like the hesitation before on the vocal line before......'door'

Really well-recorded and mixed on the instrumental parts. Good energy, good vibe, and overall it was an easy listen.

The intro reminds me of a George Harrison sound on the guitar. I like the backing vocals and the placement of them in the verses and not just the chorus. I like the organ sound which is very reminiscent of old Bob Dylan. I like the lyrics and how the verses tie to the chorus and it is an upbeat and catchy song even though it is about someone leaving! The melody and guitar parts are good and I can see myself humming it to myself after hearing the song. I like how the song fades out on the chorus.

Very well written, arranged and performed tune. Voice is very intriguing. Everything going on in the background contributes very nicely to this piece.

Hints of Elvis Costello. Some great key changes and hooks. Tasteful production. I love the pauses you've put in here and there. This is a tight band and the backing vocals are pretty tight. I love the piano that comes in at 2 mins. The mixing is pretty good considering how much is going on. Nice poppy feel to it. Would work in an Americana indie movie (do they still make those?)

Sounds a tad Beatlesque...really love the Melody, very memorable! It sounds like the ghost of George Harrison!! The organ is so perfect for the intro along with the Killer Guitar Work, just so cool!!! One of the better songs I've heard on Broad Jam in quite awhile.............Excellent song people!!! Let's hear more, you are on a ROLL!!!

Great guitar intro. Excellent recording. Very unique tone quality to the lead vocal. Im glad that you put the lead vocal up front in the mix.

Very catchy tune. Excellent track for a movie and tv synch. Recording was well done. Tight composition. Really good!! Definite potential!

Good song, both tune and lyrics. Instrumental backup was excellent. I'm a big fan of the Leslie sound, and the organ was well integrated. Vocals, both lead and harmonies were well done. Guitars, both picked and slide, were also very well done. Good mix, Vocals stood out well as did all the instruments, which in lesser quality mixes tend to get lost or walk over each other.

Super tune, great performances , slide intro is beautiful, it reminds me of Harrison, whole tune is very Beatles into Petty rock /pop ... extremely well done.

Nice arrangement. The recording is solid. The guitar work is tasteful and the rhythm section does a great job. The song is also well-written, lyrical and melodic.

high quality production like a uplifting rock/pop ballad with a country flavour
good performance and interesting style to the track. sounded good enjoyed the listen

I thought this was nice. I especially liked the "George Harrison" guitar theme you used during the transitions. You don't hear guitar work like that too often. I thought the overall musicianship was quite good in all the other parts as well, but I thought I'd give special attention to the guitar. I also liked the instrument choices you used. The organ, bass and acoustic guitar, and drums created a very pleasant mood during the verses. I thought the parts transitioned well and you had some very tasteful use counter themes throughout.

Very well put together and performed. Nice arrangement and good production. Lot of thought put into this one.

I like the song but the singers voice sounds like he should be doing more pop sounding songs, not classic rock.. you are all very talented musician and the recording is well produced. I can defiantly hear this same song recorded with less guitar and more synth with a techno pop beat and its a POP hit

Great song. Excellent recording. You definitely put your time in. It's a professional track for sure.

Nice full sound, well mixed and kept my attention throughout the whole song. The pitch change at 1:39 was a nice touch as well. Came at just the right time. Song was long enough to listen to and like without staying too long!

I found this to be very original. Like the hook and the vocals.

Great mix. Every instrument is clear and distinct. First verse has a nice Tom Petty quality. Strong lead vocal and solid backing vocals. I like the theatrics in lyrics: "..Do ya!?". With pretty generic lyrics, moderate pace and good hook this tune is a good candidate for licensing opportunities.

Nice little catchy song, good arrangement and recording.


Good recording, fine vocals, good guitar

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