Angela's Asleep

Story Behind The Song

The lyric is a combination of two poems published in 1949 by W.H. Crow. One speaks of Angela, the other speaks of the mystery of death.

Song Description

Mourners gather in a church to view the body of a young girl whose beauty gives off a glow even in death. The singer urges the survivors not to mourn, and to take comfort that she has gone on to a better place.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Folk - Alternative, World - Celtic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Moving, Poignant
Subject Spirituality, Hope Similar Artists Dire Straits, Simon & Garfunkel
Language English Era 1940 - 1949


Angela's Asleep
Lyric by Wendell H. Crow and Charlie Crow
Music by Charlie Crow

As her we loved lay in the church,
As cold as our despair,
A little wind came in the door
And whispered in her hair

The rose it ruffled at her breast,
Gave off a crystal flame;
And somewhere near we seemed to hear
The echo of her name.

Blow, smoke; wind, sob;
Shiver, little willow in the brake.
Cloud, weep; grieve, sky--
Angela's asleep and cannot wake.

The silence was a holy thing,
It drowned death's bitter knoll;
And each one knew the Presence there,
And each hurt heart was whole.

The rose it ruffled at her breast
Gave off a crystal flame;
And somewhere near we seemed to hear
The echo of her name.

Pause, love; heart, be still;
Take no hurt because she will not speak,
Earth-dead, God-born,
Angela's asleep, but do not weep--
Angels bless the one you seek.

Lyric adapted from "For Angela" and "In Time of Death," in
The Pilgrim Stranger and Other Verses, W.H. Crow,
Independent Record Press, Thermopolis, WY © Dec. 1949;
© 2006 Fading Sunset Music, All Rights Reserved

Lyrics Charlie Crow and W. H. Crow Music Charlie Crow
Producer Charlie Crow and Doug Deforest Publisher Charlie Crow dba Fading Sunset Music
Performance Charlie Crow Label Charlie Crow
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