The Wanker From Down Under

Story Behind The Song

A close friend had a problem with a guy from New Zealand and it turned out that the guy was breaking laws left and right here in America and was a real looser.

Song Length 4:02 Genre World - World Beat, World - Reggae/Caribbean
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Sociable Subject Sanity/Insanity, Lies
Similar Artists Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley And The Wailers Language English
Era 2000 and later


I met a man in Silverlake Ca.
He was a shy boy a sly boy and lazy
He was not from this land but here he stays
Abusing laws his cause were all crazy

Now when you think about your homeboys, hangin out
You don't want someone runnin at the mouth
You talk to Leo, talk to Frank
They'll all tell you that the boy is really wanked

He's the wanker from down under
A girly man without a thunder
Just a wanker from down under
His tiny wit will bring him blunder

He thought his ground was golden sacred too
Talked like a backwoods fool without a clue
When the police came 'round he got his due
They sent his butt back to the Toranga Zoo

Now I've got other Aussie brothers
They're all cool; it's just this one chum, a real tool
A full on psycho, head in the clouds
Let's hear you one time help me sing it loud

He's the wanker from down under
A girly man without a thunder
Just a wanker from down under
His tiny wit will bring him blunder

Suuperb . Superb Production. Great Quality all round. Amazing work. Congratulations.

This is fun tune. Comical story with cool reggae flow! Strong arrangement of instruments, a reggae must! I play reggae myself, so i hear the feel and love of the music! I gathered that you may be from AUS in your style of music. Keep up the good works!

The hook is very catchy, sounds cool with the harmonies in 2nd chorus also the reggae feel is also good, invokes a warm summery vibe. The instrumentation is excellent also, a nice blend of instruments. The instruments are very well played and the are well mixed in the track. This track could do well in a film or advert

Nice rhythms, very nice solo guitar,nice beats. I like the groove nice song....

Lyrics David N Haddad Music David N Haddad
Producer David N Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance David N Haddad - Frank Garret - Orbel Babyan - John Anonymous
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