Soul Sync

Story Behind The Song

The desire for having our souls syncronized.

Song Length 3:35 Genre New Age - Contemporary, Jazz - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Joyful, Welcoming Subject Dreams
Similar Artists Massive Attack, Brand New Heavies Era 2000 and later

Feels like someone is winding down for the day. Getting ready to head home, call it a night.

Hey there, nice soothing piece. I really like this piece. A sense a little Pat Metheny going on, which is a good thing. Pat is friend of mine. We were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame.

This is a very clean piece. I enjoyed the give and take of the drum track against the music track. Nice melody and very solid production.

This piece clearly has a LOT of potential as a cut for TV and/or film .... heck, even a commercial.

Nice work.

When listening to this nice musical piece; I'm thinking of California and the carefree spirit of a nice relaxing night in Malibu or something like that.

Thanks for sharing a great piece. The intro was really engaging and created excitement for things to come. Then when the drums came in the song gathered a fun, enjoyable rhythm. Definitely worth a listen. Absolutely loved it.

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance CenterPeace
Label Gruvpig Music
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