Pyroclastic Flow

Story Behind The Song

The song was conceptualized after a night of non-stop techno dance music capped by a Jacuzzi bath. The vocal version of this song called "Bring it Hot" tells the full story.

Song Description

The ingredients: Heavy synths, crunch guitar, synth bass, strings live and programmed drums and percussion and one loop.

Song Length 3:22 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Electronic - Industrial
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Exultant Subject Hot, Fire, Heat, Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Massive Attack, Paul Oakenfold Era 2000 and later

I like the way guitars really punch the intro. The piece settles into a nice groove early and keeps it rocking. some cool changes to keep you interested. Some nice hooks too...

Nice melody lines

Interesting drum track and supporting keyboardriff. Could be thematic music for an action oriented movie / TV show.

The movement and flow of this track was quite stunning. The intro did not give away the suprise of an approaching extremely well thought out driving arrangement. The guitar tone fits beautifully with this retro electronic peice. Very colourful and enjoyable listen. Well done.

Like very much this song. mixture of electronic, progressive, pop-rock. good overall production, good choice of sounds, beat is contagious and the tempo change makes more interesting the song. Like that power guitar chords. memorable melody. I see unlimited uses for this song. good luck and congrats

Great drums and melody. Nice electric guitar at the end. Nice mix.

Music David N Haddad Producer David N Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Orbel Babayan - Guitar, Dave Haddad all other instruments
Label Gruvpig Music
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