Afghani 7/8

Story Behind The Song

I was insprired to write this song after a tour I had in Tajikistan. While there I absorbed some amazing rhythms and regional melodies which I tried to incorporate in this tribute song.

Song Description

This is a Chill Out track in 7/8 time signature. Live percussion and programmed pizzicato strings throughout with live Saxophone and Flute melodies coming in the Chorus sections.

Song Length 3:30 Genre World - World Beat, New Age - Ethnic
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Welcoming, Restless Similar Artists Sting, Hiroshima
Era 2000 and later

that what im talkin bout

Cool groove. I like the sax work, a bit unexpected, but in a good way. Tablas, yes! Always good to have a piece that has a real ending especially when music is used for underscore on TV or a video production.

Very exciting World piece with great use of sounds and percussion.

Whoever composed and performed this really knows what they're doing. The mix is superb and well thought out. I love the way the sax comes in and beefs up the track. So smooth. This song has an air of mystery and suspense, a little spooky especially at the beginning. I think it would be good search music or jungle what's around the next corner. Superb ending. Love the drums/percussion. Bravo!

Refreshing to break from a standard time signature and have Indian percussion involved. All the instruments are soulful! Very nice job.

great groove and feel. smooth production

Love the syncopated rhythm and the percussion parts and sounds. Like the chord change @ 1:36 and 1:48. Cool horn lead melody.

Great rhythm, great transitions between sections

Nice feel to the song!
Very exciting music.

Like the Tabla sounds and the string sounds.Nice tempo,good recording.

Really nice work via mixing different musical spirits ...

Lyrics N/A Music David N Haddad
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance Dave Haddad - Orbel Babayan - Rick Will
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