I'm Just A Zombie

Story Behind The Song

I was thinking of some songs I could do for my Halloween show, and I started singing to myself, "I'm just a zombie". I was amused enough to write the song

Song Description

A zombie tale from the Zombie's point of veiw. He's a zombie, but he can remember what ts was like to be human, leaving him lonely and confused

Song Length 3:35 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Outraged Subject Loneliness, Frustration
Similar Artists Black Sabbath Language English
Era 2000 and later


I'm just a zombie,I am the walking dead
It's good to see you, I want to eat your head
I'm just a zombie, I need a cup of joe
One for the road
I'm just a zombie, But I have feelings too
I used to have a life, I used to be like you
I'm just a zombie, and I get so confused
When I'm abused

Sometimes the zombie life,it gets so lonely
I can't wait, to get to your heart
Sometimes the zombie life, it gets so lonely, all my dreams are falling apart

I'm just a zombie, in rigormortis state
I'm clawing at the sky, I'm reaching through your gate
I'm just a zombie, I have no self control, oh no

Sometimes the zombie life,it gets so lonely
I can't wait, to get to your heart
Sometimes the zombie life, it gets so lonely, all my dreams are falling apart

the reoccurring guitar is good. nice idea--basically. straight from the walking dead. good effects. good stop. background vocs are there..

Good solid driving rocker.... has some hard driving energy... heavy gar's and solid groove.... recording is pretty decent.... over-all

The chorus has good vibe and feel

I never thought I'd be saying this...but I think I kinda like your zombie tune. At first, I thought it would just be a shallow attempt to regurgitate some run of the mill zombie themes, and hope for some kind of consideration for a placement. After a little while though, I could tell that you were the real deal.

I really enjoyed this track. The recording is very good and the instrumentation sets the mood perfectly. Vocals are good and clear. The mix is nice and punchy. Great job!

Unique lyrics, subject matter. Pitch this for the next zombie movie. I like the vibe and instrumentation. Good job.

Great rock song here. I am a huge fan of the guitar tone. This reminds me of a bit of grunge and a bit of glam. Loves it!

Really enjoyed this. The melody is quite infectious.Good hook.

Absolutely love this! Absolutely perfect to be used on the end credits (or even during) an episde of the walking dead. I can see this being picked up straight away as it is.
Chorus is excellent. Original and catchy and has that singalong element. Mix between the instruments and vocals is perfect in the chorus.
Vocals are brilliant throughout. Delivered so well and very very likeable/singalong(able).
Great great song and hope it brings you success, all the best!

Gotta give this song some points for originality. Never heard a song about a Lonely Zombie before. I am not a big fan of this kind of rock music, but I can recognize a good song when I hear it. Lyrics are FUNNY and quite original. I can see this song appealing to the high school and college crowd.

I like the vocals and melodies as well as the dynamics changing verses to bridges and chorus. Catchy and memorable chorus

I really like the guitars. I really like the lyrics you really hit the nail one the head! Reminds me of a closing song for "THE Walking Dead" or a movie about zombies.

Love the fleshing out of the zombie theme - inside I have feelings and dreams even though I've suppressed their expression and present to the outer world as "dead". I even have faint hopes that "you" can somehow magically transform me back to a state where I feel alive again. The production and vocals work beautifully together.

I really like the beat and the lead guitar, great arrangement as well.

Lyrics Michael Casali Music Michael Casali
Producer Michael Casali Performance Matt Casali
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