I Don't Really Care

Story Behind The Song

I've seen what Addictions can lead to....

Song Length 6:36 Genre Country - Americana
Mood Troubled, Miserable Subject Pain, Addiction
Similar Artists Patsy Cline, Sheryl Crow Language English


Addictions lead to a "no try attitude"as my grandfather would call it!.... and "I Really Don't Care" Is just that!

Really good vocals and arrangement! Really enjoyed the lyrics!

Great vocals and a nice use of reverb throughout the recording. Almost like a narrative as far as lyrics.

Good vocal and nice melody. I like the harmonica too.

Reminds me of "Twin Peaks" the tv show. Well done.

it's 1:30 in the morning, a lone couple is slow dancing on the dance floor, most of the tables are empty and barkeep is wiping table tops down, gettin' ready to close. very smokey song that sets a distinct mood. the songstress is very believable.

I like the understated power of the drum beat. A great take on a slow song drum beat. The lyrics are good.

I really like this song. Love your voice - lovely swooping and bending of the notes and very envious of your vibrato. Something very 'Twin Peaks' about the overall sound.

It's a chill song. good recording. I like the reverb on the guitar.

Lyrics Carla Y. Bak Music Carla Y. Bak & Pete Price
Producer Carly Bak & Pete Price Publisher Sleeping Dog Studio
Performance Carly Bak & Pete Price
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MrJackBrickhouse a.k.a Shades Good Music 1/25/2013

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