Model of Matter

Story Behind The Song

students - do you know what matter is?

Song Description

over time of the "idea" of what an atom is has changed

Song Length 7:05 Genre Rock - Classic


Democritus was a teacher, in ancient Greece, by the river Nile,
He took a stone, and cut it once, cut it again, there was no surprise.
What if I did this a million times?
What would it be in the end?
Just an atom, a tiny atom, just an atom, oh-oh-oh.

In the late eighteen, eighteen hundreds, was an Englishman J.J. Thomson,
Used cathode rays, shooting atoms, to see what else would really happen.
And he discovered electrons there, with all their negative charge.
He drew a picture, of this atom, like bread pudding, with raisins everywhere.

A Model of Matter, the building blocks of everything, don't you know.
Matter - makes everything, tiny atoms too small to see.
Matter - makes everything, tiny atoms in you and me.

Lyrics David J. Keohan Music David J. Keohan
Producer David J. Keohan Publisher (c) 2014
Performance David J. Keohan


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