Choose Me (To the Top)

Story Behind The Song

Internet web-site data from 2014 was used in the creation of this music... before Pokemon Go

Song Description

Quasi-rap on the most searched topics on the W.W.W. Synth bass-line riff to straight-4 drums. Clavinet and horn fills accent throughout. Verses rap through listings of top web sites and choruses repeat "Choose Me/Take Me to the Top"

Song Length 5:30 Genre Pop - Dance, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Pleasant, Cheerful Subject Computers, Power
Similar Artists home studio : low-fi Language English
Era 2000 and later


I know you're on the internet, I know you're on Facebook, Twitter, Google,
So here we go_
Take me to the top_ yeah you_ take me to the top

(Facebook Top 20 Apps)
Candy Crush Saga_ Farm Heroes Saga_ Pet Rescue Saga
Microsoft Live_ Trip Advisor_ Spotify_ Pinterest_
Bing_ Dragon City_ Criminal Case_ Give Hearts
Farmville_ Papa Bear Saga_ Texas HoldEm_ Skype
HTC Sense_ Bitstrips_ Yelp_ Yahoo_ Samsung Mobile
Diamond Dash_ Subway Surfers_ Bubble Watch Saga_ (so)

Take me to the top_ yeah you_ take me to the top
Take me to the top_ yeah you_ take me to the top
Shopping_ saving my dimes
I'll be searching_ spending all my time
Take me to the top_ yeah you_ take me to the top

(Twitter most followed)
Katy Perry_ Justin Bieber_ Barack Obama_ Goddess of Love
YouTube_ Taylor Swift_ Britney Spears
Rihanna_ Instagram_ Justin Timberlake_ Twitter
Ellen DeGeneres_ Jennifer Lopez_ Ronaldo_ Shakira
Oprah Winfrey_ Pink_ Demi Lovato_ Kim Kardashian_ Adele
Harry Styles_ Alicia Keyes_ Selena Gomez_ One Direction


Choose Me_ Top Facebook apps_ Twitter 25 most followed
Google Insights_ Facebook Top 25

(Google Insights for Search)
Facebook_ Google_ Youtube_ Weather_ Craigslist
Yahoo_ news_ Amazon_ games_ Gmail
Ebay_ Walmart_ Maps_ quotes_ people_ Yahoo mail_
Twitter_ Drive_ Netflix_ Tumblr_ email


You'll find me_ you'll find me
You'll find me on the World Wide Web
If you don't_ if you don't see
If you don't see_ you'll never never never get it

(Facebook Top 25 pages)
Facebook_ Rihanna_ Shakira_ Eminem_ Coca-Cola
YouTube_ Ronaldo_ Michael Jackson
The Simpsons_ Texas HoldEm Poker_ Harry Potter
Vin Diesel_ Katy Perry_ Justin Bieber_ Lady Gaga
Candy Crush Saga_ Will Smith_ Linkin Park_ Beyonce_
Bob Marley_ Selena Gomez_ Taylor Swift_ Family Guy


Lyrics DJ Keohan Music DJ Keohan
Producer DJ Keohan Performance DJ Keohan


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